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    Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you pack our goods, or do we?
There is three ways you can choose to pack and move your goods:

  • Full pack: Vaughan's staff will come to your home or office, at a specified time and pack all your goods for you. This includes packing the articles in your cupboards, closets, lamps and other articles that will need to be boxed and protected. This leaves you time to take care of other important details.
  • Partial pack: You might choose to pack some of your own goods, perhaps while you are sorting things for a garage sale. You may just decide to have us pack your china. It is your choice.
  • Packing yourself: If you decide to pack everything up yourself, Vaughan's will load it for you. We also have wardrobe boxes, and a variety of other boxes and supplies available for purchase to help you pack. We also have a Do-it-yourself Packing Guide pamphlet if you need a little help.

What about my pets and plants?
Regulations prevent household goods carriers from hauling pets and plants. You may be limited to a train, plane or the family car. It would be best to ask our sales agent for a copy of the pamphlet on how to prepare your pets and plants for a move. The pamphlet has good tips on what you might need to do to ensure the safe travel of your pets and your plants.

Can you move my barbeque and paint?
Sorry, your barbeque tank, your house paint and stain are considered dangerous goods. If you are not sure what would fall into the dangerous goods category, your sales agent can provide you with a pamphlet that lists what is allowed and what is not. An example of something that is not allowed is aerosol cans or butane lighters, and some household cleaning chemicals. These items could explode inside the haulers trailer and damage your goods as well as the haulers equipment.

Will my goods be safe?
The proper preparation of goods is essential in any move. Things that will help include doing an assessment of your goods, and deciding what they are worth. The sales agent will ask you if you would like a valuation on your goods. There are two options for your protection, and are included on the transportation contract. Just ask your sales agent for the details, or ask the agent to bring you a pamphlet when he or she comes to do a survey of your goods.

When is the best time to book a move?
If you are planning a move a month or two in advance, it would be best to book as soon as you know your actual move dates, or possession dates. As the summer months are a busy time, booking ahead a month or so will help ensure you have the date available. Depending on the amount of goods you have, the mover may want to come and pack your goods the day before the actual move as well. It might help to have our sales agent out to do a free survey of the goods you are moving. That will help you and the sales agent to properly plan your move, whether local or long distance. The sales agent can then verify the hours and costs pertaining to your move.

What else do you offer besides packing and moving?

Give us a call we would love to try and help you.




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